The Perfect Necklace When You’re Looking For Something Special.

silver and garnet necklaces from Nikki Lorenz Designs

I’m finding that with the way the world is right now I have this need to make everything feel special.  Even just a trip to the grocery store is a moment to get out of the house and enjoy the spring weather that’s finally starting to poke it’s head out.  

When I feel like this I usually take a moment to put on a piece of jewelry that makes me smile and adds just a touch of polish to my jeans and T-shirt style.  Usually for me that’s earrings.  (What can I say I’m an earring girl.)  Lately however I’ve been fixated on necklaces.

Like these necklaces from my new Deco Luxe Collection.  The large and small silver necklaces with garnets from my Deco Luxe Collection are perfect.  Their clean design is eye-catching and the garnet adds a little color and sparkle.  Just the thing for making me smile!

Talk to you soon,


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