Spring Weather and Dream Necklace Layers

striking gold necklace for you necklace layers from Nikki Lorenz Designs

It’s early spring and I’ve been dreaming of warmer weather.  I get so excited I always forget that early spring is very fickle.  It’s warm for a few days and then just to remind you of what the weather could be like, it gets chilly again.  And rainy.  And gray.

So as I sit here looking out my window at the gray sky I’m going to remember that soon this transitional period will be gone.  I’m also going to remember that in a few weeks I’ll be visiting family that live in a much warmer place and I’ll get to ditch the sweatshirts and clothing layers for necklace layers and warm breezes.  

Want to know what one of the dream layers in my dream necklace stack is?  This lovely little necklace from my Deco Luxe Collection.

Talk to you soon,


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