About Nikki Lorenz Designs

When it comes to creation, I'm kind of obsessed. That may seem obvious, since I design and handcraft jewelry. But it's true. 

With fine materials and gems, I make pieces that are powerful and distinctive yet feminine. My designs are unapologetic. I intend for them to be noticed rather than blend into the background. 

Process and Inspiration

When I make a new piece, I see possibilities. I love any opportunity to explore what excites me. I find a new direction or perspective, and I follow ideas. The journey is everything. 

Sometimes an idea comes to me. I sketch what's in my head and make variations on that theme. Sometimes I start drawing and observe the results. I explore interesting concepts and make space for rough ones to evolve. 

I enjoy the juxtaposition of positive and negative space and strong color combinations as well as contrast. I’m most influenced by all things Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Mid-Century Modern.  


How can I not be captivated by gemstones? Sure, they're rocks at their core. But they're also transparent or translucent and glowing with color. The allure is in their individuality.

Even the tiniest shift in chemical composition can alter the appearance of a gem. Things like adularescence, chatoyancy, or needles can make two gemstones from the same family look completely different. The right cut can amplify the positive characteristics of any given gem.

Jewelry for Bold Self Expression

I create for women like you who embrace bold self expression.  My jewelry doesn't overpower or overwhelm. It gives the women who wear it a chance to add distinction to days that feel dull. It infuses edge and attitude into daily life - always with elegance and sophistication.