headshot of woman with gray hair in navy sweater

The following statement may seem ridiculously obvious, but here it is:  I’m obsessed with the creative process.  Specifically, my creative process.

I sit down at my bench with an idea (or 10) for a particular piece of jewelry and I start sketching a design or carving a wax model.  And then the world just falls away.  I could (and usually do) spend hours creating new designs.  I start with my initial design and then all these wonderful variations begin to make themselves known.  Adjustments to the way a line curves or an alternative for the transition of one part into another. 

Then while exploring all the possibilities of my initial design I see possibilities for a companion piece.  And then I design that piece and the whole process starts over again.  I fall into the most pleasurable of rabbit holes.  I never know exactly what the final design will look like.

 As obsessed as I am with the creative process, I am equally obsessed with the gemstones I use.  The amazing number of colors, variations, and personalities contained within gemstones captivate me. 

I can get completely lost watching the way transparent gems catch the light and reveal colors within colors or the incredible way opaque gems can play with light.  Unusual and unique inclusions mesmerize me.  Pearls, created by mollusks, in so many amazing shapes with colors that move across the pearls in ways that defy explanation. 

From these obsessions, I create amazing pieces of art.  Art inspired equally by Art Deco and Art Nouveau, with a dash of Mid-Century Modern.  These human-created inspirations are balanced with a huge dose of the natural world.  My work is about human-made structure, but it’s also about the balance and flow of nature. 

  With these inspirations and processes, my goal is to create unique jewelry that speaks to you.  Jewelry that helps you express this balance of strength, power, and graceful elegance.