Pink Gold or White Gold, Edgy Gold Rings For Every Day

person wearing denim jeans with hand on leg showing stacking rings

I need to have my jewelry with me.  I need to wear it, feel it, experience it.  I need to feel how it moves with my body, and what it feels like to have it on.  

Right now I’m wearing two rings I’ve just released.  Actually, I have three rings on, two white gold rings of one style and one pink gold ring of another style.  Yes, it’s a ring stack.  

I’ve never considered myself a stacker of rings.  I’m usually more about one ring that stands alone.  One ring with a really awesome gemstone or a really bold design.  But this stack is really working for me.

I like how the pieces nestle into each other.  How the simple design of each ring together creates a look that is both linear and sculptural.  While they are much smaller than most of my other rings the pieces together are really quite striking.  

The rings I have on are my new Allongé Stacking Ring and my Hourglass Stacking Ring.  Together they are a balance of positive and negative.  There is a linear aspect that feels very clean, sculptural, and somehow really grounded.  There is a definite power in these rings.  I really can’t stop looking at them.

Equally surprising to me is how I feel about each ring on its own.  Like I said I tend to prefer rings on a larger scale.  Dainty really isn’t my thing.  

Let’s start with the Allongé Stacking ring.  Why do I like this ring so much?  I can’t resist jewelry that is both feminine and makes a strong statement.  That is part of what my work is about.  The dualities in nature.  The smaller scale of the Allongé Stacking Ring really gives it a feminine feel.  The pointed ends, however, make it feel a little… dangerous.

Then there is the Hourglass Stacking Ring, it’s definitely the balance to the Allongé Stacking Ring.  The scale of the Hourglass ring makes it feel feminine yet the tailored design keeps it from feeling like something a teenager would wear.  The Hourglass ring is more reserved than the Allongé Stacking Ring and it’s ok with that.  It feels feminine, demure, and strong all at the same time.  If this ring were a person she would be the woman that came to the party on her own and never thought twice about it.

 You can see these rings and all my other rings in my online shop.  Make sure to take a look!

Talk to you soon!


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