Elegant Gold Earrings That You Will Wear Every Day

model wearing Art Deco inspired gold earrings from Nikki Lorenz Designs

These earrings are currently in my top 3 favorite earrings.  

Where did these stunning earrings come from you may ask?  Well, let me tell you… My Lyric collection.  In fact, these earrings are the reason this collection is called “Lyric.”  

This particular earring is called the Lyric Dancer.  When I look at these earrings they remind me of a graceful dancer mid-spin.  I know there are “official” ballet terms for it, but I’m not a dancer so you get “spin.”

I digress. 

Aside from the wonderful visuals, another reason I love these earrings is how easy and comfortable they are to wear.  What’s not to love about everyday earrings that remind me to embrace the elegant and graceful moments in everyday life?

Talk to you soon!


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