How I create beautiful jewelry that speaks to your soul!

woman wearing modern 18k gold earrings with pink pearls and diamonds

I’ve been in the jewelry business for over 25 years and in that time I’ve learned many things.  One of which is this:  I love creating.  

What this means is that my bench is truly my happy place; a place where my imagination and hands can work together to create something for you to admire and enjoy.  

There is nothing better than coming up with a concept and taking it through the evolution of the idea in my head to the sketch on paper.  Continuing that progression through wax carving, design adjustments, tweaking the adjustments, adjusting the tweaks, setting stones, and finally the finished product. 

It is where I create something that, hopefully, speaks to your soul.  

Something like these earrings from my Hourglass collection.  This collection truly was an evolution.  One of my favorite features of this collection is that I use gemstones that can’t be repeated.

woman wearing gold and pink pearl earrings

To me, it’s exciting that a collection that can have these incredible pink pearl earrings…   

woman wearing gold earrings with a blue and green stone

  …can also have these earrings that feature Azurite/Malachite with its bold blue and green and the incredible sparkle of blue zircon.

Shop all of my Hourglass collection to find something that speaks to your soul!

Talk to you soon,


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