Bold Statement Ring to Keep You Centered During Your Crazy Day

silver, gold and garnet ring from Nikki Lorenz Designs

I like to wear statement rings.  I like to have something I can easily see that makes me feel something.  

A statement ring speaks to my powerful side.  As cheesy as it sounds, it reminds me that my power is there.  Not the “Wonder Twins Unite!” kind of power, but the quiet power we all have.  The power that grounds me.  The power that speaks to my soul and reminds me I can do anything.  (Cue flowing cape, heroic music and me in my super-hero pose)

Like this one-of-a-kind silver, gold and garnet ring.  I love the simple, yet powerful circle design, almost like a target...that draws you in, to stare at that amazing garnet.

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Talk to you soon,


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