Busy Morning? These Unique Silver Earrings Will Help You Feel in Control

silver earrings with pink pearls from Nikki Lorenz Designs

When I have mornings like this morning, mornings that have me doing 15 million things before 8 A.M.  I can start to feel a bit frazzled.  I feel like there’s so much more I need to do & not enough time to get it all done.  

When I start feeling overwhelmed, taking a few minutes to focus on me and not everyone/everything else helps to clear the mental clutter, shift gears and tackle what I need to be doing.  Whether it's simply putting in a pair of earrings I love or changing into clothes that make me feel a little more put together.  That bit of being present in the here and now gives me the mental room to reset my thinking, and coming out of it feeling a bit more professional and in control.

Of course, for me, being a jewelry designer and maker, I usually opt for a great pair of earrings more than a wardrobe change, but you get the idea.  And this morning I’m loving something like these earrings from my Open Hourglass Collection.  I love the way these earrings make me feel.  The pearls and the movement allow me a bit of femininity and the long, bold design gives me a sense of power.  

Just the thing I need to refocus and tackle the rest of the day.

Take a look at these earrings or any of my other beautiful earrings in my online shop.

Talk to you soon,


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