gold and diamond necklace for layering from Nikki Lorenz Designs

A Powerful and Feminine Necklace Perfect for Your Necklace Layers

There are days that I feel very feminine and there are days that I feel powerful.  Then there are the days that I feel both feminine *and* powerful.  I love days like that, days that I feel like I’m really in tune with who I am and I can do anything. On days like this and my mindset is driving my wardrobe choices I lean into the pieces from my Lyric collection.  For me, this collection represents that duality perfectly.   One piece, in particular, says this to me.  The Lyric pendant.  Its bold design combined with its graceful curved lines...

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gold and diamond shield shape necklace from Nikki Lorenz Designs

A Powerful Necklace That's Perfect for Your Necklace Layers

I love a good strong statement in a jewelry piece. Even an everyday jewelry piece. Make that piece a truly versatile piece and I’m in heaven. That’s what I love about my new Lyric collection each piece makes a strong statement alone whether it’s a business suit or jeans and a T-shirt (my uniform of choice), but they also play nice with others. Who doesn’t love a big maximalist layering of necklaces? Take for example this necklace, I love the power of the clean lines and the feminine feel that comes from the gentle curves. This necklace is a stand-out...

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gold and diamond shield shaped pendant from Nikki Lorenz Designs

This is a Small Gold and Diamond Pendant with a Hint of Edginess

If you’ve looked at any of my work you’ll notice that gentle curves and angles are kind of a thing for me.  I love the edge a piece has when there are two opposing elements like the combination of a gentle curve with a sharp point.   Something like my new Lyric Warrior pendant. The shield shape gives a bold edge to a petite pendant and the smaller size makes such a great everyday necklace.  It’s a great size to wear layered with other pieces but distinct enough to be killer on its own. Make sure you check out my online...

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Beautiful Gold Earrings for Your Elegant Spring Days from Nikki Lorenz Designs

Beautiful Gold Earrings for Your Elegant Spring Days

I’ve come to the conclusion this winter that I am allergic to the cold. Not in a scary epi-pen/anaphylaxis sort of way. More of a “the core of my being really detests being cold” sort of way. Maybe that was the impetus of my new Lyric collection. The core of my being *really* wants spring to get here. Now. This collection really feels like Spring to me. A season about the delicacy and grace happening all around us and the strength and power that is growing as well.I love the gentle curves, the bold style, the elegant shapes of this...

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gold and diamond earrings perfect for spring

My Elegant New Earrings are Perfect for Spring

I’ve been deep in creation mode and I’m really loving the results!   What results you might ask?  Why thank you for asking.  The Lyric Collection.   My current favorite from this new collection is the Lyric earrings.   I love the simplicity of the design that somehow manages to be both bold and feminine.  I love the gentle curves and the elegant shapes. I love the feeling of springtime these earrings exude. You definitely need to check them out for yourself!  Make sure you go to my online shop and take a look. Talk to you soon! Nikki P.S.  While you’re there...

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small gold and diamond dangle earrings with an art deco influence from Nikki Lorenz Design.

When a Jewelry Designer Goes M.I.A., Good Thing Happen

Hey there!  It’s been a while.  I’ve been busy in the studio. When that happens I pretty much become a hermit.  Seriously.  If I could just get my husband to bring me food at regular intervals, I wouldn’t leave my bench for weeks! I've made a new collection and I’m calling the it the Lyric Collection.  I love that these pieces are smaller in scale, but they’re not dainty little pieces.  I don’t do dainty.   This is one of my favorite pieces from the new collection.  I love the movement of these earrings and their size.  They are earrings that...

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