3 Gold and Diamond Earrings Perfect for Your Relaxed Summer Style

14k yellow gold diamond hoops for summer getaways from Nikki Lorenz Designs

Summer is here.  Are you planning and trips this summer?  Whether they're big or small I always look forward to summer trips.  Most of the time when I travel it's to see family.  It may not seem exciting but to me it is.  Not only is it a time away from the daily routine it's great to spend time with family.

These earrings are IMO, great options for travel.  These diamond hoops work for so many occasions.

If you want something more along the stud earring line, I love these Tahitian Keshi Pearl Studs.  A basic stud earring can still be interesting.

Woman wearing gold and diamond earrings perfect for summer getaways from Nikki Lorenz Designs

These Medium Allongé Earrings are great for every day.  With just a bit of diamond to keep it interesting.

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