3 Unique Pearl Earrings for Your Favorite June Baby!

One-of-a-kind freshwater pearl and diamond earrings from Nikki Lorenz Designs

woman in front of mirror putting on unique fine jewelry from Nikki Lorenz Designs

 Guess what one of the birthstones for June is?

purple freshwater pearl, diamond, and gold earrings from Nikki Lorenz Designs

unique gold and South Seas pearl earrings from Nikki Lorenz Designs

Yep, it would be pearl.

These are 3 pearl earrings that I particularly like:
Purple Freshwater Pearl Diamond and Zircon Earrings
Pyrus Purple Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings
Hourglass Earrings with South Seas Pearls

You can take a look at my other pearl jewelry pieces here.

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