When a Jewelry Designer Goes M.I.A., Good Thing Happen

small gold and diamond dangle earrings with an art deco influence from Nikki Lorenz Design.

Hey there! 

It’s been a while.  I’ve been busy in the studio.

When that happens I pretty much become a hermit.  Seriously.  If I could just get my husband to bring me food at regular intervals, I wouldn’t leave my bench for weeks!

I've made a new collection and I’m calling the it the Lyric Collection.  I love that these pieces are smaller in scale, but they’re not dainty little pieces.  I don’t do dainty.  

This is one of my favorite pieces from the new collection.  I love the movement of these earrings and their size.  They are earrings that work beautifully every day even if you day is working from home while dealing with bored kids home on their 3rd snow day in a row.

Make sure you head over to my online shop and take a look!

Talk to you soon,


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