Bold Gold, Pearl, and Sapphires Are a Twist on Jewelry Classics

gold, pearl, and sapphire jewelry with an Art Deco flare from Nikki Lorenz Designs

It’s a cold and rainy Friday here and while I’m settled in doing my morning work with a hot beverage I thought I’d share these pieces with you.  Not only do I love the pic (of course I do, I took it!), but I love this earring and necklace combination from my Closed Hourglass Collection.  I love pearls in any shape or form, but what I love about these pearls is that while they are a twist on the traditional round pearl they are still timeless.  Combine that with the sapphires (also a classic jewelry pairing) and bold design and you have statement pieces that still have timeless appeal.

If you too are sitting around avoiding the rest of your day you should really hop on over to my online shop and take a look.

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