When an artist needs a hobby.

art journaling Nikki Lorenz Designs

You may (or may not) find it interesting, but even artists need a hobby.  So when you design and make jewelry for a living and decide you need a hobby?  What do you do?

Well, naturally you turn to art journaling and painting!! ;)

I didn't intend to start either, but for a while I've felt like I need a creative outlet.  Amusing right?  An artist in need of a creative outlet! 

I played around with a couple of things that just didn't seem to fit.  Then I found art journaling.  There is an intimacy to the small size and a freedom knowing that it's just for me.  And after a day of work and asynchronous kindergarten, taking the time to just sit quietly and think has been amazing!  The journaling in turn has sparked an interest in painting, something I've never done much of.  I'm really curious to see if this impacts my jewelry designs!


Talk to you soon,


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