This Jewelry Collection Brings the Distinctive Styling of Art Deco to Your Everyday Style.

distinctive gold earrings and necklaces to bring luxury to your everyday from Nikki Lorenz Designs

If you like to bring a little luxury into your everyday style I have just the collection for you.  My Deco Luxe Collection!  I love that the way the distinct style stands out and the Art Deco inspirations definitely brings that little bit of luxury.  I really like how the two sizes play off each other like with this necklace and earring combination.  Or you can opt to go for the large earring and really make an impact.  

Now, I have important matters to attend to.  My favorite 5 year old wants to make cookies.  (And yes, I’ll be wearing my large silver Deco Luxe earrings much like these while I do it!

Talk to you soon,


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