Incredible Earrings for a Quiet Lunch Date with Someone Special!

silver and garnet earrings perfect for that lunch date with someone special from Nikki Lorenz Designs

The other day my husband surprised me with an unexpected lunch date.  The lunch at Field and Main was wonderful!  The restaurant created wonderful little cabanas complete with heat so you could sit outside and enjoy their offerings without freezing your tuckus off!  

While I was thrilled to have a quiet lunch with my husband, I wished I’d gotten my Deco Luxe Collection finished in time.  These earrings would have been a terrific addition to the day.  Oh well, they’re finished now and will be ready for the next time I feel the need to dress up my favorite jeans! 

Of course, it really wasn’t that much of a tragedy… I got to wear another favorite, my pink pearl earrings from my Closed Hourglass Collection.

Perfect Pearls for a  quiet lunch with someone special!

What a rough life! ;)

Talk to you soon,


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