The Best Earrings to Bring a Smile to Your Face While Your Stuck in the House

Perfect earrings for self-care from Nikki Lorenz Designs

If I have to hear “2020 didn’t go according to plan” I think I might scream.  May I just say…”No shit, Sherlock!” 

Of course, with a business to run things rarely go “to plan.”  Designs don’t want to cooperate, castings go ka-flewy, stones break.  Throw 2 kids and virtual school in the mix, and holy crap.  At this point I count the day a success if ¼ of the work on my to-do list gets done, school work is reasonably close done and everyone gets fed.  Happen to get a bonus thing done like fold the laundry and woo-hoo I’m a rock star!! 

I know I’m not the only one.

I noticed after a while I kept buying myself flowers and putting on earrings even if I wasn’t planning on leaving the house.  When I thought about it I realized this was my self-care.  I know, another trendy concept right now, but one I fully embrace.  These 2 little things that I do for myself make me smile and that can help a lot. 

Something like these rose-cut ruby earrings from my Open Hourglass Collection.  I love the way these earrings move and sway.  The movement reminds me they are there and it gives me a little boost and of course I had to take a picture of them with a lovely little lisianthus stem.

Talk to you soon,


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