Little Know Fact: Jewelry Can Solve Your Problems!

rose quartz earrings for everyday from Nikki Lorenz Designs

Jewelry can solve all your problems!  

  • Need something to elevate your mood?  Jewelry can do that.
  • Need to make that favorite jeans and shirt you’ve been wearing non-stop for the last 3 months feel special?  Jewelry’s the answer!
  • Want to add some sparkle and elegance to a special dinner at home?  Jewelry will do that nicely!
  • Need help unclogging the kitchen sink?  Well, you need a plumber, jewelry can’t help you there.

OK, jewelry may not be able to solve ALL your problems, but it definitely has its merits!

If you feel the same, may I suggest these earrings from my Open Hourglass Collection.  I love how the soft pink of the rose quartz is combined with the boldness of a bigger earring. 

Talk to you soon,


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