Beautifully elegant jewelry for the busy woman.

silver nature inspired jewelry

Do you ever want to do something to make yourself feel a little special?  I know I do. 

These days I'm trying to work on my business, help my kids with virtual school and make sure they do something fun during the week that doesn't involve a screen.  (And if I'm being honest, that last one doesn't happen nearly as much as I would like.)  With all that going on there are times that I want to feel a bit "polished."  For me taking the time to put on a little jewelry just gives me that bit of a boost.   

A lot of people think jewelry can only be worn for an "occasion" and jewelry has to have gold and diamonds and a lot of flash.  As far as I'm concerned the occasion is:  Because it's Tuesday; because it's raining; because I wanna.  You get the picture ;) ! 

If you're like me then I have the perfect suite for you!  These earrings and the matching pendant from my Pod Collection are the perfect solution.  They're graceful, organic and easy to wear!  AND...  they can be found in my on-line shop!

Talk to you soon,


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