hand made necklace in cool blues

These get me thinking...

I have to say with the temperatures warming up I’ve been thinking a lot of a beach vacation.  Dreaming of gentle breezes, blue waters and relaxation!  Looking at these necklaces certainly doesn’t help.  Especially the larimar lariat necklace.  I can just picture it...me, palazzo pants, my favorite flip-flops & this necklace hanging out beach side!!  What about you?  Which would be your choice?  The Hourglass pendant with Shattucktite?  The turquoise with pearl and blue topaz?  Or just the simple Nouveau-U necklace with turquoise?  Nikki P.S.  If your inspired, go to my shop & make the dream real!  

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my favorite Nikki Lorenz Designs necklaces

So many pretty sparkly things!

Welcome to my first blog post! (cue fanfare of trumpets in the background) You haven’t seen much of me on IG because I’ve been crazy busy behind the scenes making these lovely sparklies and getting them on the website.  So why don’t you hop on over to the website, wander around and pick out your new favorite shiny object.  I think mine is this turquoise and diamond necklace.  I know I shouldn't play favorites, so make sure you check out my Straight Line Necklace with Garnet, my Larimar Lariat Necklace and my gold Half Hourglass with Lavender Spinel.

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