You Can't Be Blue with the Color Options for Sapphire Jewelry

gold pearl and sapphire earrings from Nikki Lorenz Designs

Remember when you used to ask your mom who her favorite was?  Her answer was always some crap along the line of “I love you the same, you’re just very different people.”

Yeah, right.

As a jewelry designer and maker, I can tell you I most definitely have favorites!  Yes, all gems are beautiful in their own special way… but sapphires?  Yeah, they’re one of my favorites.


Sit tight, I’m gonna tell you.

Sapphires come in a whole bunch of colors, not just the blue you’re used to.  

Want a list?  

Pink.  Purple.  Orange.  Yellow.  Green.  (I would add red, but then you’re into the world of rubies and that’s a whole different post.)  Then, of course, there are all ranges within those colors.  Don’t even get me started on Cornflower-blue sapphires or Ceylon Sapphires! 

Now, if you’re super lucky you could have a sapphire that’s got more than one color in it.  Australian sapphires are becoming quite popular and they are known for having blue and green in the same stone. Drool.

On top of all the color choices, sapphires are durable.  Everyone knows that diamond is the “hardest substance known to man.”  Sapphires are the next hardest gemstone.  Ever notice most antique jewelry has diamonds and/or sapphires?  Yeah, there’s a reason.

There is nothing quite like seeing a beautifully cut sapphire.

Head on over to my online shop and take a look at my pieces with sapphire!

Talk to you soon,


P.S.  If you like my work, but these aren’t the sapphire pieces for you let’s chat!  I can always custom design the perfect piece for you!