Jewelry Trends for 2020, Haha!

colorful, bold gold necklace with pearl and diamond Nikki Lorenz Designs

I recently saw a headline that read "Jewelry Trends for 2020."  And the beverage I was consuming nearly shot out of my nose.  I think it's pretty safe to say that all the predicted "trends" for 2020 flew out the window in March.

It did make me think about trends and who dictates them.  Usually super high-end fashion designers that really (1) want to be different than last season & (2) want to sell you their new designs, because they are different than last season.  

I prefer a different approach: wear the pieces you love. 

The pieces you love hold so much more meaning and value for you than a simple trend.  What do I mean by meaning and value?  "Meaning" is pretty obvious.  The "value" of jewelry is not only intrinsic, but extrinsic as well.  Simply put the value of jewelry is how it makes you feel.  Pretty, powerful, bodacious, romantic.  You get my point.  So join me in the quest to wear, not what's trendy, but what speaks to who you are.

If by chance, this necklace speaks to who you are, it is currently available in my on-line shop!

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