The Best Daydream Inducing Necklace!

silver necklaces to bring a bit of luxury to your everyday from Nikki Lorenz Designs

I’m supposed to be writing a blog post and I can’t because I’m sitting here staring at this picture daydreaming of spring.  After the longest year known to man and a climatologically (man, say that 5 times fast!) interesting winter I am so ready for spring I can hardly frickin’ stand it!!!!  I’m clinging to dreams of taking the kids to a U-pick orchard, yelling at them about being scared of bees only to get stung myself (true story) and watching them run up and down the rows of fruits and vegetables.

I know this spring won’t be the same as last spring, but let me hang on to the daydream for just a bit longer!

Want a closer look at this necklace?  Head on over to my online shop & take a look at it & the rest of my Deco Luxe Collection.  It’s a fantastic collection for bringing a bit of luxury into your everyday life, IMO!

Talk to you soon,


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