Sunrise, waterfalls and flowers.

Sunrise Nikki Lorenz Designs

This post has nothing to do with jewelry. 

What it is about is trying to maintain my, and my kids', routine at a time when nothing is routine.  I have been trying to walk my dog around the same time every morning.  (She's sooooper high energy so skipping this is risking my sanity!)  Which at this time of year happens to be at sunrise.  I know most people get excited about sunsets, but I think sunrises are just as beautiful.  The other benefit of early morning walks is that you can take pictures of your neighbor's flowers without feeling like too much of a creeper!

tiny purple flowers Nikki Lorenz DesignsI love seeing these every year!

When it comes to my kids' routines that is a little trickier, but I try where I can.  With all the closures the best activities right now are outdoor activities. (Thank goodness this all went down at the beginning of spring!)  While there has been helping-Mom-with-the-yard-work-type activities (FYI: a 4 yr. old pulling weeds is really more "playing with the tiny shovel" for 15 seconds & then run around the yard for 10 minutes, but she got to "help" so mission accomplished!) there has also been family-hike-type activities.  This past weekend we went to Dark Hollow Falls, which is beautiful!

Dark Hollow Falls, Shenandoah National Park Nikki Lorenz Designs

No better way to wear out kids than a mile down hill & then a mile back up!

I just thought I'd take a moment, share this and breathe.  Hope you can find a way to center yourself as well.

Talk to you soon,