Simple, elegant jewelry for busy moms

Simple, elegant jewelry for busy moms

I don't know if your life is anything like mine is, but sometimes I can feel a little overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done.  Especially right now.  I have kids that need help with virtual school, a business to run, a business to create for, a business to market for and all the usual things that go on with life and family.

I have started to realize in all this craziness that it's very easy to overlook the simple things that bring me joy.  Whether it's taking a minute to enjoy the new print I just bought from a painter friend of mine or the flowers in my kitchen.  It's the small things that I take a minute to admire that can change the flow of the day.  Of course for me, sometimes that little thing is a piece of jewelry.  I tend to be an earring or ring person, so feeling the sway of the earrings as I move or watching the ring as I type a blog post can be that joy.  A long necklace can also do the same for me.  Watching it move with me and flash in the light can be so calming.  Something like this aquamarine necklace from my Closed Hourglass Collection.

Here's hoping you find that little thing that brings you joy!

Talk to you soon,


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