Reward Yourself for Not Killing Anyone Yet with These Earrings.

dramatic pearl earrings in silver with garnets from Nikki Lorenz Designs

How are you doing?  

After 9 months of working from home while taking care of 2 kids with the added joy of supervising “Asynchronous Learning” (hats off to the teachers actually doing this well!) I’m pretty much over this whole shit-show of a year.  I love my kids and have actually enjoyed a lot of the time with them, but damn, let’s move on!

As a treat to myself (and a reward for not killing anyone yet) I decided to buy my own Christmas gift this year as well as a much belated birthday gift.  What did I buy?  Prints from 2 artists I have discovered in the last couple of years Tara Leaver and Janet Taylor.  I’ve been admiring their work for a while and decided I deserved it and finally pulled the trigger.  I can’t wait to get them back from the framers!!  (I’m actually kind of giddy.)

How about you?  How has this year been going for YOU?

If you are feeling like rewarding yourself for not killing anyone either how about these earrings?  I’m a sucker for pearls, especially long, dramatic pearl earrings that are really easy to wear!

Talk to you soon,


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