Purple Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings Create Sophisticated Quiet Luxury

I had to share this picture. 
woman wearing white button down shirt and purple pearl earrings

 I’m completely obsessed with pearls.  These purple pearls  are the sort of thing I go ga-ga for.  I love the color, the shape, the uniqueness, and the size!  IMO, if you want a piece of jewelry that is unlike anything else go for baroque pearls.  You'll never see another pair just like the one you have!

woman in white button down shirt wearing purple pearl earrings a gold and diamond pendant and gold stacking rings from Nikki Lorenz Designs
woman in white button down carrying a gray sweater coat

In case you're curious Annika is wearing:
Large Pyrus Pendant
Pyrus earrings with pearls
Hourglass stacking ring
Allongé stacking ring

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Talk to you soon,