Let the blood and bruises define your legacy

Let the blood and bruises define your legacy

“Let the blood and the bruises define your legacy.”  --Lady Gaga.

I found this quote a while back and I saved it because it really spoke to me.  Long before Covid or George Floyd.

Nothing could be more true right now. There is so much going on that can't be boiled down to a short post on any of the social media channels.  And I am not the kind of writer that can eloquently express all of the thoughts and feelings that are brewing in me. I know there are hard things that have to happen.

Hard conversations.
Sad conversations.
Emotional conversations.

I hope I can do them justice.

I hope I can guide my children to...
...make better choices than I did.
...make braver choices than I did.
...make the hard choice when it's the right choice.
...make a better world for all.