Jewelry to Make Dinner at Home Elegant and Special

Jewelry to Make Dinner at Home Elegant and Special

It is 7 AM while I’m writing this.  It’s early.  All I can think about is that even with the vaccine finally here we still have a long road ahead of us.  I’d really like to have a nice dinner out with my husband or do something else special, but that isn’t happening any time soon.  I can be a bit grumpy at 7 AM, does it show?

Know what I’m gonna do about it?  I’m going to go walk my dog.  

When I get back and I’m getting ready for my day I’m going to take a minute and do a little something for me.  I’m going to put on some earrings.  For me, the simple act of putting on jewelry is like a little treat that brings a smile to my heart.  It’s the pleasure I get of feeling my earrings move with me or seeing my ring as I use my hands.  It’s something nice I do just for me.

So even if dinner is just my family sitting around the table I can do something to make it feel a little more special.  I can wear something like these earrings from my Closed Hourglass Collection.  The smaller size (they’re not quite an 1 ½”) makes them a great size for everyday.

Talk to you soon,


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