Jewelry for the fashion unconscious! Earrings to make you feel polished, even when you have no idea what to do.

floral inspired silver earrings Nikki Lorenz Designs

It’s supposed to snow today.  The county closed school yesterday before the first flake even fell.  In fact it was sunny and 45 degrees.  Since it’s the first snow of the year, in a very strange year, my kids are going nuts.  At 8 in the morning.  While snow is falling at the rate of about 6 flakes a minute.  And I’m trying to work.

Needless to say, the last thing I’m thinking about right now is fashion, in fact I’m feeling pretty fashion unconscious right now.  Enter the #6 Pod Earrings, from my Pod Collection.  I like how easy they are to wear.  I love the way they feel when I move.  I like that they make me feel like I have the potential to get my shit together and be Super-Mom. 

Cape and all.

I doubt I’ll achieve Super-Mom status today, but at least I’ll have cool earrings on!

Talk to you soon,


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