It's time to change my jewelry up a bit!

It's time to change my jewelry up a bit!

They say the only constant in life is change, right? 

Well, we've all had a lot of changes lately!  I feel like I’m one of the few people on the planet that hasn’t had their work-life turned totally upside down, but there have definitely been changes.  Since I started this business I’ve worked from home.  The difference these days is my dog & I have a little more company and a few more interruptions in the course of the day.  (I will admit I'm giving serious consideration to keeping the Lego and drawing breaks once things “go back to normal” ;)!)  

Another thing I will also have to admit is that this has been an interesting time for my work.  I've found that with the change to my routines I've been thinking more about my designs and embracing the duality of my design aesthetic.

I feel that everyone has this duality within them, while you might tend to predominantly like one style every once and awhile you find other styles that speak to you as well.  Designers are no different.  I am influenced by Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movement along with Mid-Century Modern design.  Philosophically there are similarities with all three movements but the design aesthetic has a pretty dramatic range. One of my new collections in the works speaks more of the Art Nouveau design style in my work. 

I'm very excited for the release and I hope you are as well.  Please go to my website and sign up for my email list!  I'll let you know when the new work is available.

Talk to you soon,