Embody the Tranquil Feel of the Ocean With This Aquamarine Necklace

silver and gold aquamarine necklace from Nikki Lorenz Designs

As a jewelry designer and maker, I am morally obligated to write a birthstone-related blog post each month.  It’s March, which means aquamarine, like the aquamarine in this necklace from my Hourglass collection.  

So sit back while I regale you with glorious attributes of aquamarine.

How was that for an intro?  

Well, aquamarine is a beautiful gem.  Its color can be pale blue to a deeper mid-tone blue.  Fun fact:  Did you know aquamarine is related to emerald and morganite?  They’re all members of the beryl family.  

A lot of aquamarine lore centers around water, which makes sense with its peaceful blue colors.  It was thought to bring luck to sailors and fishermen.  Modern healers believe it helps with fluid retention.  

It doesn’t stop there.  There are wide-ranging beliefs in the powers of aquamarine.  It was thought to cure eye disease as well as stomach, liver, throat, and jaw illnesses.  It was thought to bring luck in battle, relieve pain, bring water or drought, and cure the wearer of laziness and procrastination (man, really wish I had known this in college!).  Of course, you can’t forget the belief that it was an antidote for poisons.  My personal favorite however is the Roman belief that aquamarine had the power to turn enemies into friends.

Regardless of your beliefs, there is no question that the soothingly cool blue aquamarine is a beautiful gem.

Talk to you soon!


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