Earrings to Make You Feel Special When You're Struggling Through Your Day!

everyday gold and garnet earrings Nikki Lorenz Designs

For me jewelry has never been a status symbol.  It's more about "mood enhancement." 

It's about that little bit of extra attention I give myself.  The reminder that every once and awhile doing something special for myself is ok.  Every time I feel my earrings move I remember the pair I put on that morning and it gives me a little smile.  And that moment matters.  It's small, but it matters.

So say your cliché empowerment phrase, put on you're favorite piece of jewelry and go kick the day right in the nads!  (I'll bet you'll be smiling while you do it!)

And if you're looking for a great piece of everyday mood enhancement may I offer you these earrings from my Closed Hourglass Collection.  They're a great size for everyday and they make me smile every time I look at them!

Talk to you soon,


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