Do You Think Pearls Are Boring? Let Me Change Your Mind!

gold, silver, pearl and diamond necklace from Nikki Lorenz Designs

It’s June!  I’m so excited!! It’s time for me to bombard you with pictures of pearl jewelry!  Yay!!  In case you didn’t know, pearl is one of June’s birthstones, *and* one of my favorite gems!  

I love the endless variety of pearls.  

When most people think of pearls they think of “Grandma’s pearls,” you know, the boring little strand of perfectly round white pearls.  I cordially invite you to get your head out of the past and take a look at what pearls really are.  They are widely varied, infinitely beautiful and anything but boring.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at this necklace from my Closed Hourglass collection.  This is definitely a pearl piece that is far from mundane.

Talk to you soon,


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