Busy people need love too!

silver, gold and pearl earrings, silver and turquoise ring and silver, turquoise and topaz necklace from Nikki Lorenz Designs

I bet you’re one of the busiest people you know! What’s today filled with? Client meetings? Planning meetings? Content creation? Of course, that’s probably followed by dinner, homework or family activities.

If you’re like me you start to lose track of yourself in the race to take care of everyone else. My jewelry can be that one little reminder, your “this is me”, your expression of who you are. Wearing a small piece of art everyday can remind you of what touches your soul and gives you that spark to keep you going through your insane day! Sound appealing? Head on over to my website and have a look around.  There's lots of great earrings like my Large Bowl earrings with pearls or the Bowl Ring with Turquoise!

Talk to you soon,