Beautiful Gold Earrings for Your Elegant Spring Days

Beautiful Gold Earrings for Your Elegant Spring Days from Nikki Lorenz Designs

I’ve come to the conclusion this winter that I am allergic to the cold. Not in a scary epi-pen/anaphylaxis sort of way. More of a “the core of my being really detests being cold” sort of way.

Maybe that was the impetus of my new Lyric collection. The core of my being *really* wants spring to get here. Now.

This collection really feels like Spring to me. A season about the delicacy and grace happening all around us and the strength and power that is growing as well.

I love the gentle curves, the bold style, the elegant shapes of this collection. Playing with those elements, putting them together to create something that is unapologetically feminine, or taking those same gentle curves and creating something that is beautiful and strong was such a wonderful journey for me.

I think one of my favorite pieces from this collection is the Lyric Dancer Earrings. I feel like they completely embrace the idea of the delicate dance between strength and femininity.

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Talk to you soon!


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