An unusual jewelry blog post

black dog face from Nikki Lorenz Designs

It has been a day.

You maybe asking exactly what this picture has to do with jewelry.  The answer is: not much.  I just thought I would share part of my day with you.  "How is this part of your day" you might ask?  This is part of my day because everyday about 3 pm this is the face I see:

black dog Nikki Lorenz Designs

Yep, like clock work.  Whether I'm at the computer or my bench this is my "the kids will be home in an hour, it's time to play.  NOW!    please.  " reminder.

Gotta be honest, sometimes it's annoying. 

I will tell you one thing:  every time I see this face I'm reminded that no matter how bad things get, it could be worse. 

You see my dog is a tripod.  She's a tripod because someone didn't care enough (I'm working really hard to contain the expletives that are coming to mind).  I could tell you her back story, but it doesn't matter because in the end all that matters is that her desire to live is so strong that nothing will get her down and she finds joy in everyday.  Something we could all stand to remember.

So now I'll just say "Go shelter dogs!"  and step down off my soap box.

Talk to you soon!


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