A Silver and Garnet Necklace Perfect for Self-Gifting

silver and garnet necklace from Nikki Lorenz Designs

The last year has been crazy.  Everyone has learned what their personal breaking points are.  We’ve all had to adjust in ways we never thought we would.

I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet, but I do think this pandemic will become more manageable soon.  

I have made the decision to focus on what makes me happy and my family happy.  One thing that makes me happy is to indulge in little treats for myself.  This looks different for everyone.  If treating yourself means jewelry, then may I suggest this necklace from my Deco Luxe Collection.  My Deco Luxe Collection celebrates Art Deco and the glamour of old Hollywood.  It’s a collection that is bold, yet relaxed enough for everyday.

Talk to you soon,


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