A Gold and Diamond Necklace to Add the Sparkle of Diamonds to Your Day

modern gold and diamond necklace from Nikki Lorenz Designs

Recently I’ve been very aware of the effect clothes have on my mindset.  If I dress like a slob my approach to the day is, to be honest, lazy.  If I put some thought into what I wear and I feel put together my approach to the day becomes more purposeful.  When I want to feel special and do something just for me I put on something a little fancier, something that brings me joy.

Normally, I’m not a diamond jewelry kind of person.  Every once in a while though… when I want to indulge myself, to feel special?  Oh yeah, I am so down with some sparkle!

My idea of adding a little glitz to my day?  Something like this necklace from my Lyric collection.  I love the clean modern design and that it has just enough diamond to feel special, but not over the top.  Perfect for every day.

Talk to you soon!


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